Thursday, February 04, 2016

Cough, blow

Well, I am still here chugging along.  But slowly.  Blowing my nose and coughing as I go.  I made a horrible mistake.  I didn't go to the doctor when I realized I was going to need to go.  Instead, I loaded up the car and went to see my boys in North Carolina wrestle!

So it was really, really fun.  Really.  Lost my voice by 9:30 Saturday morning.  Went downhill from there.

Mistake #2.  Decided since I already had a physical, I'd just wait until Tuesday.  So let's count.  I knew I should go Thursday.  Didn't go until Tuesday.  This stuff had all those days to dig in and it acts like it's here to stay.  Have done nothing for 4 days except cough and whine to my husband, poor guy.

But they were worth it!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


So three down 14 to go!!  They are fun, though, and don't take as long as those Halloween quilt squares I did. Whew!! Well, naturally the pictures uploaded in the wrong order so I'll just go with it.

The first snowman is my 5 year old granddaughter's.  It is a cheerleader as you can see by the pompoms in her hands and the football players around her.

This is the 10 years old grandson's.  I love his pipe and he did the trees, so all I had to add was the ground line.

We live in SE Tennessee, and this is the best we got.  It's pretty, but we're staying in.  May go for a gator ride just to check out snow on our acreage.  We live 3/4 of a mile from the main road, so that could be my small adventure for today.  I'm cooking a slow cooker Taco Chicken Chili for supper.  We'll fix a little rice and be good to go.  It's from Skinnytaste  and even has WW points for this recipe.  I think I'm going to go there quite a bit.

I thought I'd introduce Rosey, our precious toy poodle.  She and a brother wandered up in our yard about 11 years ago.  She was the tiniest thing.  She needs a haircut, but she is a sick girl.  She has COPD and an enlarged heart.  She is on 5 meds a day and still coughs and coughs.  It's just heartbreaking for us.  But she still enjoys life.  She fetches and greets everyone who comes to the house, and she still pushes her food dish around when she doesn't have her favorite yellow pieces. At this point she has good quality of life but we are watching her closely.

This is my Valentine quilt.  It was popular several years ago.  I have repaired it a couple of times.  My granddaughter who is quite the quilt critique girl informed my that this had plenty of strings that need clipping, and she's right.  Guess I will get to that before she comes back to visit.  Wouldn't want her to have to deal with strings as she cuddles.

And, last but not least, this is my 7 year old grandson's snowman.  He got a snowboard for Christmas, so his snowman is holding the board.  I added the skier on the right, the trail marker, and the Ski App sign.  They live in NC and that is where they go.

Wow.  This turned into a book. Didn't mean to.  Hope you are having a good winter and are warm and happy wherever you are!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


So I am still stitching snowman. Will get some pictures and show the 2 that are finished soon.  But I have really had something horrible happen!! Feedly.  They changed their whole set up and I lost every single one of my quilting blogs!!!!!  I mean really!! This is horrible.

Now I must start all over.  I know I don't have many readers, but if you are out there (echo, echo) and have the time, let me know your favorite blogs so I can start building up again.  There is someone named Linda in Alabama (close to me in Tennessee) who lost her husband a couple of years ago that I really like to keep up with, but have no clue how to find her. I do have Judy in TX and Bonnie, of course, but that is it!!!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.  And snowman pictures to come soon.  Stay warm and cuddle with a quilt!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I have 3 snowmen ready to embroider.  I will post when I get started.  This will go fast and be fun!

Monday, January 04, 2016


I haven't been doing much sewing lately, but I've been doing some handwork.  I really am sick of the computer and my husband's newscasts, so it has helped to be doing something I enjoy while I listen.

I was looking at this....
because I would really enjoy the snowmen. 

Then there were several that I like at Crabapplehill Studio.  They have beautiful patterns, and I did that Halloween one from there.

So I just couldn't decide.  And then, as I watched my little 5 year old granddaughters drawing and coloring, and idea was born!!!  I figured I'd get all my grandkids to draw snowment, and I'd embroider then.  Seven grandkids?  Weird number.  SO EVERYONE HAS TO DO ONE!!!

So part of our Christmas visit was spent with everyone drawing a snowman.

Here are a few examples of what we came up with.  There are 17 of us total, so I'll have 16 for the front and then mine on the back to use as a label.  

I ordered my white background and it will be here on Wednesday. It has snowflakes and streamers.  I'll try to share it later in the week.  I'm going to do this whole quilt in blue, except that the snowmen noses will be orange.  

I'm excited.  What do you think?  Have you ever done any of your own embroidery designs?  (I've also decided that I will blog and sew more.  We'll see how that works out.)

Happy New Year! Here's to a creative 2016 with lots of finishes!!!

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Hancocks of Paducah

So we took a little road trip this week, and we went right through Paducah!!! And there it was! Just a block from exit 4. I had to do it! Fairly unassuming exterior, but I was getting excited.
At first, I wasn't that impressed.  I mean, I've been to Mary Jo's many times.  But the more I looked the more I liked!  I found so many beautiful fabrics.

I was ready to go, and, while in search of the bathroom, I stumbled on a whole new room.  Oh my gosh!!!!  It was the room of kits and cuts room.  I had so much fun looking! I had a Christmas tree quilt picked out, but they were out and had no more.
Those shelves in the back were for the internet sales and were all nicely labeled with specials and sales! It was really a wonderful place.

But here is the part that you will find hard to believe:  I didn't buy one thing.  Not one.  I would have gotten the kit, but they were out.  I looked at notions, but nothing called to me.  And the one thing I really, really wanted, thread or my mid-arm, they didn't have.  So I just enjoyed breathing in the dyes and looking around.  Next time we go through there, I'll have myself an agenda! I actually think it's better than Mary Jo's!!

I still am without mojo, but I'm thinking about quilting more.  That's good.  I need some black thread to quilt my Halloween quilt, but I haven't ordered it yet.  Need to continue work on my tshirt quilt.

I am working on an embroidery for my nail lady who has done my nails for 20 years.  She's a Halloween freak, so I'm trying to get it done for that.  I enjoy hand stitching.

Hope all is well for you.  Busy times coming up.  Fall break for my grandkids.  Football games.  Hayride.  Halloween.  Another road trip!